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Realtime collaborative editing


  1. Shared markwhen now support realtime collaborative editing (aside: I have also decided that the plural of "markwhen" is "markwhen")
  2. The domain for the web app has changed from to What this means for you is that if you had browser storage items on, they will have to be migrated to Essentially all that needs to be done is localStorage needs to copied over from to You can do this or if you need help email me or ask in the discord.
  3. I have updated pricing for subscriptions and what subscriptions give you. Essentially: offline = free, online = paid. It's a bit of a change, so to that end I have made a coupon code for 60% that has a limited number of uses: collabpromo. I have no idea how many people look at this blog so even if it's the year 2030 you might try the code, it could still work.