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Gantt view & autocomplete


"But Rob, I though there was already a gantt view?"

Yes, but this view is even ganttier.

In the new gantt view, event and section titles are stuck to the side, so that they are always visible when scrolling and panning.

You can access the new view via the sidebar button:


Support has also been added for oft-used keywords when writing markdown, like tags and sections:

It has the ability to infer some date words and translate them into a syntatically correct date format; so you can stop wondering what date today is or what date saturday is and and just write today or saturday.

More completions will be added over time.

Other updates

  • Timelines should now have a better starting zoom and scroll
  • Autocenter button to center timeline
  • New event button is back at the bottom of the timeline again
  • Restrict zooming in (would otherwise jump around if you zoomed in too much)
  • VS Code extenstion has also been updated with all fixes and improvements