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And we're back!


First off, sorry for the long lull between updates. I recently moved, had covid, and got my finger infected all in the past month. But all that should be behind us now; update cadence should improve.

Frontend update

I promoted the beta to be the main website today. If you are experiencing bugs or things aren't working as expected, the old interface will continue to be accessible from

Meanwhile I'm continuing to work on bringing features from the old UI to the new one, namely exporting, support for images, and map view(s).

The new UI was made to be better for saving and sharing, and might be more performant? It's also a better foundation for me to bring updates faster


I started a new repo when redoing the frontend, so the repo at kochrt/markwhen is out of date. I am still using it for feature requestes and bug reports, but yes the code there is stale. While rebuilding I split things into roughly three parts: the parser, the renderer for displaying the timeline (basically everything but the editor), and the full website/editor, each one built on the last. I don't think the full website will be open-sourced. I intend for the renderer to be, but I got tired of trying to keep things separate because of how much extra overhead that was, so for the last ~2/3 weeks I have just been building in the website repo and not in the renderer repo.

Anyway this is all a long-winded way to say the renderer code is coming, but I have been prioritizing the website so that people can start using the updates as soon as possible.