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Markwhen beta


Markwhen Beta

Work is ongoing for a new foundation for markwhen, that will be the new basis for the website and allow markwhen to be integrated into other editors, notably initially VS Code. Aside from supporting other editors, the new version is an upgrade from vue 2 to vue 3 and will have better mobile support, among other things.

You can try it here.

It is not yet finished. The current site will remain until feature parity is reached.

Yet to be done:

  1. Support for cloud markwhen files
  2. Map view
  3. Support for images
  4. Saving and sharing consistency
  5. PDF/PNG exporting
  6. Many other random things

Update Cadence

I apologize for the pace of updates recently, I have some personal matters to attend to (moving across the country) but things should pick back up within a few weeks.